Keep your fuel safe and secure


Prevent siphoning, skimming and spillage with a TankSafe anti-siphon device.
Did you know that?
Fuel is one of the biggest single costs for truck operators, often accounting for a third of operating costs, and with escalating diesel prices it’s more important than ever that operators protect their fuel tanks. Even losing a small amount each week can affect profits but by fitting a TankSafe anti-siphon device such problems can be largely reduced, or even eliminated.
An ‘Impregnable’ TankSafe device can improve MPG by 10% and reduce fuel bills by 6% thus offering a fast return on investment.
The ‘Standard’ TankSafe is an effective deterrent against third party siphoning although it will not prevent skimming or spillage. The ‘Impregnable’ completely eliminates siphoning, spillage and skimming.
TankSafe is suitable for all European trucks over 7.5 tonnes.
Filling speed is unaffected. TankSafe has been tested at 120 litres per minute dispension rate.
Easily fitted within three minutes. Grub screws are supplied if the device is to be transferred between vehicles or adhesive for permanent fixture.
All TankSafe devices are manufactured from high quality aluminium, meaning there are no issues with corrosion. They are guaranteed for three years.
The Impregnable’s unique float-valve prevents overfilling and spillage; an important
health and safety benefit.
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